What is NoteToText?
NoteToText is a web application that allows you to send notes to yourself and others at times that you specify via text message and allows you to keep track of all of your notes, view past notes, set up recurring notes, and resend notes.
How does NoteToText work?
Schedule a note for a specific date and time and you (and others) will receive an email and a text message from yourself at the date and time that you specified.

Start by clicking on Send Note on the sidebar.

Note: It is important to set your time zone in General Settings so you receive your notes according to the time zone you are in. Default time zone is America/New York EST or GMT-05:00 (GMT-04:00 DST).
How do notes work?
Create a note for yourself and have it set to send now, 5 minutes from now, or even a week or longer from now and NoteToText will send an email once that time has come.

Upon setting or deleting a note, that note will be deducted from or added back to your total note allotment.

Once the note has been sent, it is permanently deducted from your total notes for the month.

Every month from your registration date or renew date, you will receive a set amount of notes according to the plan you have chosen.

Note: All notes remaining do not carry over and will expire on the renew date and reset according to the plan you have.
How long can my note be?
Notes can contain up to 160 characters.
Can I send a recurring note?
You can schedule a recurring note from every 5 minutes to every hour, to every few hours, to once a week, to every month, to every few months, to once a year.
How do I stop recurring notes?
Delete the note from the list of pending notes.
Can I resend notes?
Once a note has been sent, it is put into your notes history where you can always reschedule those exact notes for another date.
Can I see all of my notes?
A history of your notes will always remain. However, you do have the ability to delete notes from your history if you no longer want them to appear.
How far into the future can I schedule a note?
You may schedule a note up to 1 year from the current date.
How can I get more notes?
Each month from your sign up date or your renew date, your notes will reset according to the plan you have.

If you have run out of notes, you can choose to upgrade to a plan that fits your needs on the subscription page or you can buy more notes on the refills page.

Note: Refills were meant to give you extra notes to get you through the month and will expire upon your Renew Date.
Can I send a note to others?
Depending on the plan you have, you can send other people text messages.
Can I assign a personal phone number to a note?
If you are subscribed to a plan and have purchased your own personal number or several, you will be able to assign a different number to each note.
How do I change my email address?
Once you sign up with an email address, you cannot change it and you must register for another account using the new email address.
Can I have multiple accounts?
There are no restrictions on the amount of accounts you can have.
Does NoteToText work offline?
NoteToText will need an Internet connection in order to schedule notes, however, it will always send scheduled notes at the times you specify regardless of whether you are online or not.
Is there an app for NoteToText?
While there is no official iOS or Android app, NoteToText was designed to work on all mobile and tablets devices.

We highly recommend you follow these instructions for using our web app on your phone: How to Add Websites to the Home Screen on Any Smartphone or Tablet
Do you have a free version of NoteToText?
When you registered, you signed up for the Free plan which allots you 5 notes per month.
What are the limitations of the Free plan?
On the Free plan, you are limited to:
5 notes per month
text to yourself only
recurring notes disabled
delete sent notes disabled
NoteToServices branding added
What plans are recommended?
You may choose a plan according to your needs.

Free: This plan is recommended for people who are testing out our service, up to 5 notes per month.

Personal: This plan is recommended for most people, as it allows up to 70 notes per month or about 2-3 notes per day.

Share: This plan is recommended for people who want to send notes to others, allowing up to 135 notes per month or about 4-5 notes per day.

Startup: This plan is recommended for medium to larger businesses that need more notes throughout the day, have a lot of things going on, or multiple people managing the account, allowing up to 750 notes per month or 25 notes per day.

Business: This plan is recommended for those who need more than all the rest, allowing up to 1500 notes per month or about 50 notes per day.

Ultimate: This plan is recommended for large corporations who need even more, allowing up to 2500 notes per month or 83-84 notes per day.
Can I send a text message?
SMS is available for all plans.

In the General Settings, you must activate the SMS feature and enter your phone number starting with country code (1555555555).

After you enter your phone number, it must be verified.

Once verified, you will be able to receive text messages.

Note: You may be charged standards rates and fees by your phone provider.
Can I send a text message outside of the United States?
Text messaging will work in all countries.

Note: You may be charged standards rates by your phone provider.

Note: Some carriers in other countries require a confirmation of the text message before it can be delivered.
Can I send a text message to multiple phone numbers?
You can send text messages to other mobile phone numbers once you have verified your own mobile phone number and depending on the plan you have.

All the phone numbers will receive the text message at the same time.

Note: You must provide a country code in front of each mobile phone number.
How much can I text?
This chart will explain everything and will reset on your renew date.

PlanPhone NumbersText Messages
FreeVerified Phone Only5
PersonalVerified Phone Only70
ShareVerified Phone + 1270
StartupVerified Phone + 33000
BusinessVerified Phone + 59000
UltimateVerified Phone + 515000
Can I receive text messages?
Using our default phone number, text messages cannot be received.

However, if you rent a phone number, you can receive text messages at $0.01 per forwarded text.

All messages received will be forwarded directly to your primary phone number via text message.

The only way for you to reply with your NoteToText phone number is to schedule a note with the recipient phone number.

You may also leave a response for when someone sends your NoteToText phone number a text message for free.
Why do I have to verify my mobile phone?
Verifying your phone will prevent any spam or unwanted text messages from getting to you.

Note: If your phone is not verified, it cannot receive messages.
I did not receive a text message.
Please ensure that you have:
Entered in the correct phone number
Entered in phone number without spaces, parenthesis, or dashes (ex: 1555555555)
Included the country code in front of your phone number
A plan that allows you to receive text messages
A mobile network that is not busy due to higher-than-normal usage
Received a random code from NoteToText and verified your phone number
Not sent STOP to any of our phone numbers which will cause the service to cease
What if I delete my phone number while notes are pending?
They will still be sent at their scheduled time, but you will always need to have an active verified phone number in order to send new notes.
Can I change my phone number?
On the General Settings page, click on Clear.

Re-enter a new phone number and then verify it.
Phone Numbers are not available in my state.
The system that we purchase our phone numbers from is constantly renting out phone numbers, and from time to time, may run out. It is usually never permanent, as more numbers are purchased, or other companies are un-renting those numbers, so they become available again.

If you want a phone number from a specific state, we suggest you check everyday for a phone number listing. Hopefully within the week, a number becomes available.
What is NoteToText's phone number?
+1 (805) 668-4532

Please don't bother to call or text.

It is a completely automated text messaging system that is set only to send out text messages, not receive them.

We recommend that you add the phone number to your Contacts list as NoteToText.

Note: This number is for outgoing text messages only.

For a list of all our numbers, you can view this link: https://notetotext.com/numbers.txt
What are Lists?
Lists are predefined templates for:
By creating pre-existing lists, you can save time by not having to enter in a note that you repeat often or add phone numbers that receive text messages often.

Every list is assigned to a Group for easy access.

Select the desired Group and it will be added to the note.
Do you offer promotional discounts?
We definitely will be running promotions from time to time.
How do I apply a promotion code?
In General Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter in your promotion code, and the code will be applied to your account.

Note: Promotion Codes expire on Renew Date.
Can I enter a different promo code?
Once you enter in a promo code, it will not expire until your Renew Date, at which time, you will be able to enter in a new promo code.
How much does it cost to use the service?
Please view the subscription page for pricing.
How does payment work?
Payments are made through our third-party payment processor gateway, Stripe.

You can sign up for a recurring monthly subscription plan, which you can cancel at any time.

You are charged upon your subscription of the service and every month thereafter until you decide to cancel the service.

Once payment is received, notes will be added to your account.

Note: All payments are in USD ($).
Note: Since payments are made through Stripe, we keep very limited information about your credit card.
Note: There are no refunds.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my payment plan?
Click on the "Sign Up" button for any other plan and your plan will automatically update to that plan.

Note: Notes from a previous plan do not transfer to a new plan.
How is credit card information stored?
For your safety and security, NoteToText stores very limited information about your credit card.

Any identifying information about your credit card is stored through our secure third-party PCI-compliant service, Stripe.
How do I update my credit card information?
Once you are subscribed to a plan, the option to update your Credit Card information becomes available on the General Settings page.
What does a charge look like on a credit card statement?
We are listed as: NoteToServices or NoteToServices LLC
Can I use a different credit card for purchasing phone numbers?
You can definitely purchase phone numbers using a different credit card.
I have a question about billing, who do I contact?
Please feel free to use our contact us to send us a message.
There was an issue with my billing.
Please contact us and let us know what the issue is so we can resolve it asap.
Do you offer a refund?
There are no refunds.
Can I purchase a yearly plan?
Currently, we do not offer any such plans.
Can I purchase a plan where notes do not expire?
We do not currently offer a plan where notes do not expire.
What happens when I unsubscribe from a plan?
You will be switched to the Free plan and any Notes you have will remain until the end of the billing cycle.

If you choose to sign up for a new plan, you will continue to be charged for the old plan until it expires, but the new plan will take effect immediately.
How do I cancel my service?
Navigate to the subscription page and your plan will now have an unsubscribe button.

Your plan will fully expire on the Renew Date.

We graciously ask that you fill the brief feedback form so we know how well we are doing and how help improve our service!
How do I delete my account?
There is no official way to delete your account, but we can suspend it so it cannot be accessed.

Please contact us and we will disable it for you.
How do I remove NoteToServices branding?
NoteToServices branding is required for those users who are on the Free plan. For subscription plans, branding may be removed in the Settings.
I never received my note.
We sincerely apologize that this happened, but there could be several reasons this may have happened:

You scheduled the note at exactly the same time that it was set to go out and it may not be registering as a pending note in the system
The system hiccuped and is not seeing your note
You blocked our number or yours by sending the STOP command, thus preventing any further communication from our system (simply text START to resume communications)
The Renew Date did not reset my notes.
The Renew Date lets you know when you will receive new notes, but the timing is not always exactly at 12:00 AM.

It may take the system a few hours to actually update your notes on your Renew Date.

If you see no change of your notes on your Renew Date, please contact us.
I encountered a technical error.
Please contact us and let us know what you were doing and the page you were trying to get to.
I have a question not listed here.
Read the NOTETOTEXT README below to see if we answered your question. If you still have other questions, please feel free to use our contact form to send us a message.
We want you to get the most out of NoteToText and hope you have taken the time to read the FAQ and our Terms of Service.

This area is dedicated to those miscellaneous rules and questions and answers that we may not have listed above.

You must have permission to text message the people who you set to receive an SMS
Signatures will not be displayed in text messages
If you unsubscribe from a plan and have notes scheduled to go out, these notes will remain as is
If you delete a pending note within the current month, you will be reimbursed for the note
If you scheduled a note and then delete it the following month, you will not be reimbursed for the note
If you attempt to use the Service for any spam or harassment purposes, we will revoke your ability to send text messages to others and your account may be suspended.
If you wish to report someone you feel is abusing our Service, please contact us with text message records to speed up the investigation process.
Note: We take spam and abuse of our Service very seriously.
A list of all of our rented numbers can be found here: https://notetotext.com/numbers.txt
If you refill your notes and then you purchase a subscription, this will void the refills and place you on the plan you subscribed to with the amount of notes designated to that plan.
Refills were only meant to give you additional notes to get you through the month, so if you purchase refills a day before your plan expires, the refills will expire as well.
If you purchase a subscription and then you choose to upgrade or downgrade, your plan will be pro-rated for the next billing period.
Any abuse of the Service will result in suspension of your account.
You do have the ability to appeal if you feel your account was wrongly suspended.

We take privacy very seriously and therefore have limited even ourselves from seeing or accessing your data.

Information we can see:

Plan you are signed up for
Age of account
Renew Date
Total amount of notes sent
Amount of notes remaining
Total amount of text messages sent
Charges on account
Verified phone number
Promo code applied to your account

Information we cannot see:

Credit card data
Your password
Content of notes
Who you sent text messages to

In order to clear up any confusion about subscriptions from upgrading, downgrading, or unsubscribing from a plan:

When you subscribe to a plan, you are assigned a Renew Date that will update monthly from the date of your subscription
Your credit card will be charged immediately when subscribing to a new plan and appear on your statement as NoteToServices
Upon your Renew Date, your credit card will be charged according to the plan you have
If you are at the start of your Renew Date, you will be charged for the entire plan
After the start of your Renew Date, you will be charged only for the days remaining in the plan
Changing to a new plan does not change your Renew Date
No matter where you are regarding your Renew Date, you will be prorated between the old plan and the new plan
Any prorated charges will be counted towards the next billing period
Changing to a new plan does not change your Renew Date
Your plan will fully renew and cancel on your Renew Date.
Otherwise, your plan will remain unchanged until the Renew Date and you will be charged for the entire billing period
If you decide to subscribe to a new plan while your current plan is still in progress (Unsubscribe date is active), your old plan will become obsolete, but you will still be charged until the end of the billing period, and your new plan will take effect immediately

In order to prevent any abuse in regards to SMS using our service, if you feel that you are being spammed by a user of NoteToText, you can simply reply to our NoteToText phone number with STOP and all text messages will cease.